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CMS Banners

The home screen is the first screen that appears after the app has started, it is connected to the CMS where all the content can be managed.

We have made some exciting changes to how you can manage content, now you can preview content online or on your device before it is published to the live app, we will also record a history of previous home screen layouts for up to 14 months.

Current View

By default you will be taken to a preview of your current home screen layout, this will provide you with the a view similar to the existing CMS layout along with an exciting preview window of how the home screen should look on a device. The ‘Current’ view should show all banners that are live on the app, this cannot be changed without creating a draft first.


Platform selector

To view banners specific to a platform, simply select the ‘Platform’ drop down menu and choose from either iPhone, Android or iPad.

Once you have selected the chosen platform, the page will reload with an updated web preview  of the chosen platform.


Time Travel

To preview banners that are set to go live at a later date, simply choose the date selector and select a time and date in the future. Once you have selected the new date, the page will automatically reload to reflect the how the banners will appear on the chosen date/time.



As new versions of the home screen are published, previous versions will be archived in the ‘History’ section. Versions are grouped by month and labelled with their month, date and time. We will store previous versions for up to fourteen months and for each set of banners you can see how it would look for any date on any platform.



By selecting the edit button you will be taken to a draft view where you can edit or create new drafts. If no draft exists, one will be created by duplicating the existing current banners. When there is a pre-saved draft you will be presented with the option to continue editing or start fresh.


Adding Banners

To add a new banner, select the ‘Add Banner’ button at the top of the banners list.

Similar to the current banners layout you will be able to schedule banners and link them to other app sections.

You can now use a different images for iPad banners, this gives you the opportunity to use higher resolution images or different images altogether that make use of the larger screen size. Simply untick the ‘Use same image as iPhone’ and  select either ‘Select Image’ or ‘Upload Image’.


Editing existing banners

The draft view gives the same date/time and platform selector as the ‘Current' screen so you can quickly view your draft in the preview. To edit any of the individual banners, simply click on the row. The banners can also be dragged and dropped to change the order they will appear in the app. The X in the far right corner allows you to delete a banner.


In-App Preview

One exciting feature we have been working on is the in-app previews, you can now preview banners directly on a device rather than waiting till they have been published.

Whilst in draft mode, simply follow the instructions located below the preview section to view the banners on your device.

Once the url has been input into your mobile browser the app will open in preview mode set to the time and date selected.

To reset the app to the original banner layout you need to force close the app and restart.

Screen_Shot_2017-08-01_at_13.09.47-32.png Screen_Shot_2017-05-17_at_16.59.04-25.png



Once you have finished editing your draft you can publish it by clicking the publish button on the draft page. Once published, the draft  will become live instantaneously and the old live banners will be moved to the history section.

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