Using Deeplinks in Categories - Part 2


If you've made it through Part 1 of this series and feel comfortable taking on this next part, then welcome! Otherwise please familiarise yourself with Part 1 before moving onto this part.

Another great little article to read is : Creating Deeplinks


Deeplink to other areas of App

If you've read the Creating Deeplinks article, you will see some other options that can be deeplinked to. For example lookbooks, pages, product details, wishlist and even bag.

The only difference if you wish to use the Deeplink URL feed under category, is that the URL scheme needs to be removed.

Here's a quick list of most available options that can be used for deeplinking :

Area of App Deeplink URL Example Required Parameter
Address Book Screen addressbook addressbook  
Bag Tab bag bag  
Edit My Profile editMyProfile editMyprofile  
Page with Sub Pages /pages/{parentPageID} /pages/2409 ID of the Parent Page
Login Form Screen login login  
Lookbook Details /lookbook/{lookbookID} /lookbook/595 ID of Lookbook
My Account/Profile myaccount myaccount  
Order History orders orders  
Page Details /pages/detail/{pageID} /pages/1234 ID of Page
Product Barcode Scan Screen scan scan  
Product Category (with Sub Categories) /category/{categoryID} /category/1231345 ID of Category
Product Listing Page /products/category/{categoryID} /products/category/53453 ID of Category
Product Details Page /products/detail/{productID} /products/details/125332 ID of Product
Recently Viewed /products/recentlyviewed/    
Signup Form signup signup  
Vouchers/coupons vouchers vouchers  
Wishlist wishlist wishlist  


Please note that not all features might be enabled in the app.

To find the ID of any of these options, is the exact same method used in Part 1 of this guide for the redirect categories where you will just navigate to it in the CMS and you will see the ID in the browser's address bar.

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