6 ideas for promoting your app on social media

  1. Use Twitter Cards to deep-link to products in your app:
    Twitter launched this initiative in April 2013, and it lets you link to products which your app. The link then opens up within the app (if users have it) or as a link to download the app (if they don’t). More information here.

  2. Use hashtags on Twitter:
    You can link this with Twitter Cards deep-linking as explained above, or just use it as a regular feature on your Twitter account.Encourage customers to tweet about purchases they've just made via the app with a bespoke hashtag.

  3. Create an album on Facebook containing screenshots of your app, and pin the same images to Pinterest:
    You can do this on launch, or whenever you have a new collection or product line to show off.

  4. Creative competitions:
    The great thing about mobile apps is that you can access them anywhere and everywhere. You could hold a competition for the best images of customers using your app in far-flung or unusual places.

  5. Get moving with film:
    Think about using a short Vine clip, an Instagram video, or a longer Youtube video to showcase your app. It could be a straightforward look at how the app works, or you could try something creative. A cute Vine idea could be videoing a product in your app on a phone screen, and then having it ‘materialise’ in real life. Check out some examples of how brands are using Vine here.

  6. Create visual content around your app:
    Screenshots of your app will only take you so far. For added interest, you could consider staging your own photoshoots – perhaps a model dressed in your product shopping on her phone or tablet? Or a beautifully lit product shot with an iPhone centre stage, showing your app? These will help with promoting your app on Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr, which are all very visual platforms.
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