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This area is where you can add, edit, and remove shipping options, add vouchers, and change your app settings.

Please note: Voucher codes and shipping options are only applicable to non-integrated accounts. If your app is synced with your existing site, it will have the same shipping and voucher code options.

To edit, add, or delete shipping options:

We will set up your standard shipping options when your app is created, but you can change them from within the Admin System. Adding a new shipping option is easy. Under the ‘My Account’ tab, click on ‘Delivery Options’, then ‘Add New’. Just fill in the details.



If you need to remove a shipping option, just click on the small ‘x’ to the right of each one. You’ll see a warning screen asking if you definitely want to delete the shipping option.

If you want to temporarily remove a shipping option, it’s best to just delete it and then re-create it. There is currently no way to suspend a shipping option. The system will automatically select the appropriate region during checkout (For instance, Canadian customers will only have “Worldwide” options).

Adding voucher codes:

To add a voucher code, go to ‘My Account’ then ‘Vouchers’. Then click ‘Add New’. You’ll see this screen:


Code = the code customers must enter to get the voucher

Title = your title for the voucher

Discount type = choose either a flat amount (ie. £10 off) or a percentage type (ie. 25%)

Free Shipping = if the voucher includes free shipping, tick this. For a voucher which is just for free shipping, tick this box, and leave the ‘discount’ amount as 0.

Start date and end date = These determine when the voucher begins and ends.




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