Using your app home screen for marketing


The homepage on your app is completely customisable by you, and can be used to promote anything you choose. It’s the perfect way to highlight products and promote discounts.

Flash sales and discounts:

Here’s an example promoting best sellers.

To do this, clicked on the ‘'Content' section of our Admin System, create a new banner, upload an image, and then link it to the category.

This category has been specially created for this campaign, and hidden so it’s only accessible via this front page link, rather than from the menu section of the app.

It’s a great idea to back up a time-limited discount like this with a push notification, to send a message to all your customers letting them know about the special offer.

Merchandising products:

This example Missguided shows that you can create a sale category to promote particular products. Here, they’ve created a group of sale products and then linked it from the homepage to encourage customers to shop.

All your categories are synced from your main eCommerce site, saving you time, but you have the ability to create special mobile-specific categories like this one to help with your merchandising.

Here’s what it looks like on the app:






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