5 guidelines for app store optimisation

  1. Your app icon, app name, and section of the App Store:
    For ecommerce brands, these are quite standardised. Your app will be in the
    ‘Catalogues’ section of the store, your app icon should be your logo, and
    the name should be your brand name.

  2. Keywords:
    You have 100 characters. You need commas but not spaces, so for instance you could have ‘shoes,heels,shopping,retail,sandals’. Try not to choose too many similar words, as it may be seen as spam by Apple.

  3. The app description is vital:
    It should clearly state what the app does, but also needs to sound enticing to encourage people to download. The first sentence should sum up the app, as this is all consumers will see to begin with. Avoid long paragraphs in favour of bullet points and summaries of features.

  4. Screenshots:
    You get to add 5 screenshots of the app to your App Store profile. You should definitely use all of them. We recommend a shot of the homepage, a product page, a category page, and an image of any special features you have within the app. Choose pages with colourful imagery – a set of five beige shoes, for example, probably won’t grab people’s attention.

  5. Encourage reviews of your app:
    We don’t recommend adding fake reviews, but you can email customers and ask them to review your app, or use a pop-up asking downloaders to add a review if they’ve enjoyed using the app (ask your developer about this).
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