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It’s important to feature your app on your website. It should have a prominent position on your homepage. Your customers won’t download your app if they don’t know it exists…

For people who visit your website on their iPhones, there’s a standard Apple card which pops up at the top of the screen to let them know they can download your app, or invites them to open it if they have already installed it. It looks like the image above.

This is the recommended way to promote your mobile app. You may see sites with big pop-ups or intro screens asking users to download their app, however Google does not look kindly on these and they could lead to your site being downgraded in search ranking.

The Apple card can be done very simply, so speak to your app developer to make sure this is installed.

Topshop are great at promoting their app on their website. They have a permanent link to their app in the small print at the bottom of their homepage, which looks like this:


But they also have a stand-alone page on their app, which looks like this:


Check-list for where to promote your app on your website:

• A mention somewhere on your homepage
• As an Apple banner on your mobile website
• A stand-alone page about your app with screenshots and a list of
• A link to your app on every page, in the top or bottom navigation menus

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