Paid advertising tools


There are currently two main options if you’d like to pay for promotional ads for your mobile app.

Facebook mobile app install ads:

These ads pop up in the newsfeed of people browsing Facebook on their phone, with a big ‘install’ button so mobile users can download your app straight away

They look like the image below. You set them up using the Facebook ad manager, and they offer a wide variety of targeting options. You can choose to target particular demographics, interests, geographical areas, and even fans of your own Facebook page. If you’re interested in finding out more about these ads, we’ve written a full guide on how to use them, which you can download here.


Google mobile app extensions :

These are ads that appear to users searching Google on mobile. When searchers click on the link, it either opens up your app (if they already have it) or goes straight to the app store so users can download your app.

They work like standard Google ads, where you bid on different keywords, and your ad then appears to searchers googling those keywords. You access them from your existing Google Adwords account.

If you’d like more information on these, Google has a comprehensive guide which you can see here.



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