Promotion through blogs


On your own blog at launch:

If you have a blog for your store, you should post about your app when it launches, including info about any special offers or discounts that you’re offering initial users.

Publishing blog posts on your app:

If you’re putting blog posts on your app as well as on your main website (which we would recommend), then make sure you tell blog readers about it! Let them know that they can catch up on the go. An icon in the sidebar of your app, as Topshop have done, is a great idea.


Blogger outreach:

If you already have a list of bloggers that you work with, it’s a no-brainer to
promote your app to them. Here’s some ideas:

  • Send your blogger database a teaser a few weeks before release so they know it’s about to launch, followed by an announcement at launch.
  • Another option is to give a special discount code to selected bloggers in exchange for a review or a mention.
  • Think about tying in the launch of your app to a blogger party or event. Maybe you could do a styling session or a giveaway.
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