Promotion in-store


If you’re a multi-channel retailer with bricks and mortar premises, it’s crucial that you let people know about your app in-store.

You should aim to have your app available for consumers to browse within your shop. Many stores are now providing in-store iPads, and there are companies specialising in the right hardware to display them. Having your app displayed on a tablet like this means consumers can check for different sizes and colours even if they are out of stock within your specific shop.

4 ways to promote your app in-store:

  1. On the shop counter:
    We’ve seen this done a few ways, including a sticker that lists all the ways to shop, including online and on mobile.
  2. On your bags:
    You could add small icons of a phone, tablet, and desktop computer, just to let people know they have shopping options.

  3. Signage:
    This is where some great images could come in handy. Either a screenshot of the app, or a shot of someone dressed in your products using their phone to shop. Create a new looking sign which you can use in every store.

  4. Catalogues and marketing materials:
    If you produce any printed marketing materials, remember to mention your app. Think of your app in the same way as your website URL – put it on everything routinely.

If you’re a pure-play online retailer, what about promoting your app when you
post items to customers? You could:

  • Include a promotional leaflet with every order for the first month after launch
  • Add the information to your receipts 
  • Print a small phone icon on the outside of your packaging materials.


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