Encouraging downloads long-term


Like anything else online, promoting your app is a case of keep going, and keep tracking. Build your app into your marketing plans for the year, making sure you regularly remind customers that it exists.

One good way to keep consumers interested is to keep adding new features to your app. Talk to your developer about the kind of extras you could add in. At Poq, we release a new version of our app platform regularly, with new features inspired by our clients. Whoever you choose to build your mobile app, make sure you find out how easy it is to freshen up your app every so often.

Keep an eye on user ratings and reviews to see what people are saying about the app, and if you regularly survey customers, add some questions about the app to find out what they think.

Useful tips:

  • You need to know when anyone mentions your app so you can capitalise on any attention. Set up a Google Alert, or use a service like mention.net, and add your name + app, so that you’ll get first notice of any coverage. 
  • Make sure you’re tracking app statistics regularly. At the minimum you should be recording and monitoring user downloads, the number and time of sessions that users are spending on the app, the product pages that they’re looking at, and revenue via the app.
  • Do another mini marketing push every time your app has a major update, or you add any new features.


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