Creating Home Page Banners


Creating home screen banners:

The homepage is where you can add or edit banners that will appear on the home screen of your app. Homepage banners will automatically resize but we recommend that you save images at 748px width, in a .jpg or .png format.


To upload a homepage banner, go to ‘Add new’. You’ll see this screen.

Tick the ‘Large Banner’ box if you would like your banner to extend across the whole width of your app home screen. Leave it unticked if you’d like it to only take up half the screen (another banner will then sit next to it).

The drop-down menu under ‘type’ where your homepage banner will link to. Below is a guide as to what each option does.

Banner content

To add a video, choose ‘Hyperlink’, then paste in the relevant link. The banner will then load that link content into the app.


 Get the embed link from where your video is hosted, and paste it into the ‘URL” bar. The video will appear on-screen within your app when the banner is clicked on. For the banner image, take a screen-grab of the video and upload it on the right-hand side using ‘select picture’.

To upload a banner linking to a product category:

Select ‘Product category’ from the drop-down menu. In the menu below, you’ll now be able to choose from all the categories on the app.

 You should also create an image for the product category you wish to highlight, and upload it on the right-hand side using ‘select picture’.



To upload a banner linking to your main ‘Shop’ page, a Lookbook, or the Store-finder:

Click on the relevant option in the drop-down menu, and upload your banner image on the right-hand side as before. The image will automatically link to the right category. For Lookbooks, you can choose which lookbook to link to.

Under ‘Type’, select ‘Page’. You’ll then be able to select from your existing pages.


Scheduling Banners

You can schedule the timeframes in which certain banners should be published and stay visible.

When you click in the 'Published from' and 'Published to' fields, a calendar will pop up, allowing you to select the dates you wish. You can add the time by typing it in.

In the display options, you can tick in which apps the banners should appear (iPhone, Android, iPad).



To add a GIF as a banner please read here


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