Creating Content Pages


The pages menu lets you link to different areas of your app within one menu. It also lets you to add short pieces of content within your app to engage your customers. You can change the order of the pages by dragging them by the icon on the left.


To add a new page:

You can also add a new page from this screen, to add a sub-page select the ‘Parent Page’ from the dropdown menu and decide which parent page you would like the sub-page to sit under.

Select ‘Pages’ in the Content menu. To add a new one, click on the blue ‘Add New’ button. To create your parent pages, you need to give them a title (i.e. ‘Events’) and a type, and leave the rest of the fields blank.


To add a new subpage with content:

A subpage sits underneath your main menu of parent pages.

To add a subpage, open up the ‘Add New Page’ option. Then select the ‘Parent Page’ dropdown menu, and decide which parent page you would like the subpage to sit under.

A subpage has content and images. To create this page, you need to select ‘Page’ under type, paste your content into the ‘Content’ area, and select an image under ‘Select Picture’.


A subpage looks like this:




Creating pages using HTML:

The Admin site now has the capability to create pages using HTML, it supports full HTML5 and HTML4 syntax including html tags, tables, blockquote, CSS, images, video iframe and form.

You can:

  • Copy and paste pages from your website (e.g. blogs) into the page box
  • Click on the html button to see the html text from the page
  • The background colour can be changed by going into the My Account > Settings > Mobile Website CSS


In the example below, the background colour is white, however you can change it to meet your requirement:

.appcontent img{
width:100% !important;
height:auto !important;

In this example it says white but you can change the background colour.
Here is some guidance on A vocabulary and associated APIs for HTML and XHTML.
Here is a tutorial on HTML4 and HTML.


Please note: Due to the limited memories of a mobile phone device, the html support should only support a limited number of images in the pages with width no larger than 414px on iPhone or 1536px on iPad. Please refer to the default setting in the mobile CSS setting.

Otherwise, if user input too many GIFs or large JPG files, it will drastically increase the memory usage in the app. 


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