Send push messages with deep links to your customers


You can create and schedule Push notifications to appear on your customers' mobile device, with a deep link to a specific screen in your app.

Push notifications are a way of grabbing your customers' attention with new offers or product ranges they might like to try.

Who can see your push messages

Your customers only receive Push notifications from you if they have opted in, and have  the Notification setting enabled for your app on their device. 

You can see how many of your customers have opted in to receive messages from you on the Message screen in the CMS. 

Create a Push notification

  1. From the CMS landing page, click Messages.
    The Message screen is displayed.


  1. Choose the platform you are creating the Push message for.

  2. Enter your content in the text box.

  3. Select the Deep link destination. This can be a link to one of the following pages:

    • Product category.
    • Content page, such as Store finder.
    • Lookbook.
    • Custom - into which you enter the URL of a specific screen in your app.
  4. Enter an audience tag.

  5. Enter the scheduled date and time for your message to be sent.

  6. Choose whether the time of delivery should be according to UTC or the timezone of your customer's device.

  7. Select Schedule to activate the scheduled message. Your message will be sent at the set time.
    Select Send now to instantly send your Push message.

You have created a Push message for your customers.


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