Magento Integration Guide for your App


If you use Magento as your eCommerce provider, then it is easy to integrate with Poq for your new app.

If your new Poq app will use a product feed integration for your inventory and a cart transfer for a web checkout, then you just need to install the Magento Extension. The Magento Extension can be installed using the link and instructions below.

If your new app includes My Account features, then you will also need to install the Mobile Connect module. You may also choose to use Mobile Connect for a native checkout which will also need a small piece of bespoke development to ensure payment status is updated.  Pre-requisites and guidance given below.



  1. Prerequisites for integration
  2. Supported features and integrations
  3. Magento Extension installation instructions
  4. Native Checkout integration settings
  5. Payment integration settings
  6. Guidance to set up Mobile Connect Module


1. Prerequisites for Integration

1. Installation of Poq Magento Extension

Poq Magento Extension is required to be installed to integrate to the Poq Platform. Please refer to “Poq Magento Extension Installation Instructions” for guidance about how to install this extension.

2. Installation of Magento's Mobile Connect module

Mobile Connect is a Magento Enterprise module and is only available to Magento Enterprise clients. This will be needed if you have My Account features and may be chosen for a native checkout implementation. High-level guidance is provided below and your Magento Account Manager/ Support can guide further if needed.

3. Implementation of Payment Integration (optional)

Implementation of a custom integration is necessary for Poq API's to inform Magento about payment status of orders once the payment is completed with either success or failure.


2. Supported Features and integrations

1. Product Feed

For a typical MVP launch, a quick and easy approach is to use a product feed for your inventory and stock management. The product feed contains all products that will be listed for sale on the mobile app (normally the same products you will have on your main eCommerce website). The feed is usually a text file with all the relevant information, such as product titles, images and SKUs. All you have to do is install the Poq’s Magento extension and we can connect it to the app.

2. Web Checkout

A cart transfer to your web checkout to complete purchases is also a popular approach for an MVP launch. Again, this can be set up easily by just installing Poq’s Magento extension.

A shopping cart transfer script allows for a seamless shopping experience in your new shopping app by transferring bag items to your eCommerce web checkout. The cart transfer script is a server-side script, which adds products to bag and then redirects the user to the checkout page. It's easy to implement and carries minimal risk.

When the consumer has finished shopping within the app and clicks checkout, we then send the contents of the shopping cart to the retailer’s current website via a secure URL. The app can override the style of the checkout to optimise it for being shown in an app.

3. My Account (iOS only)

By installing the Mobile Connect module, you can have My Account features in the app. This enables an app user to manage an existing website account, as well as enabling to create a new account.  Actions will be synced in real time to their Magento account.

  • Login
     Login to an existing website account
  • Register
    Create a new website account via the app
  • Address Book
    Manage delivery and billing addresses under the account via the app. Native and web view solutions are both available.
    Web view can be preferred if the website flow is too complex to reflect on the app in a given project scope.
  • Edit Account Details
    The Poq platform supports changing Name, Surname, Marketing Preferences and Date of Birth fields of an account.
    Due to complexities around re-authorisation of an account, we don't support changing the email address of an account via the app.
  • Order History
    The user can access order history and view order details for its account. 
    This module is a read-only module and the Poq Platform doesn't support taken actions on an order via the app. i.e. cancelling, refunds.
  • Bag Sync
    When a customer is logged in to the app, they can see items they have already added from the website and vice versa. This makes it easy to sync up multi-channels for a seamless shipping experience.

4. Native Checkout (iOS only)

Native checkout ensures the complete purchase flow stays natively within the app and we support the following features:

  • Checkout via Apple Pay
  • Native checkout screen
  • Delivery address selection
  • Delivery option selection
  • Add / edit payment method
  • Payment using debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex)
  • Payment using PayPal
  • Native order confirmation screen

If you choose to have native checkout, you will also have to integrate with a payment provider to manage payments and give us access. We currently support Stripe and Braintree.


3. Magento Extension installations instructions

1. Contact Poq Support at to provide the extension and relevant keys for installation.

2. Log-in to your Magento Admin Panel

3. Navigate to Magento Connect Manager page by clicking Magento Connect Manager button under System menu item

4. On the opening page, paste "Extension Key" you get in step 4 into input box under Install New
Extension section 

5. Click "Install" button to start the installation process

6. On the opening result, screen click "Proceed" button. The page will scroll down to console screen showing the process. The process will end showing "Cache cleaned successfully" message

7. Navigate back to the Admin Panel by clicking the "Return to Admin" link on top of the page on the right-hand side

8. When you navigate to the Configuration page under System menu item, you should see the POQ tab on the left-hand side

9. Click "Integration Settings" link to open the settings page for your mobile app integration with Poq

10. If using the "Native Checkout" experience in your mobile app, you need to configure "Checkout Security Settings"

11. To complete "Native Checkout" integration, follow the remaining steps. If you having a shopping cart integration, the installation has been completed successfully.

4. Native Checkout Integration Settings (Optional)

You will have your own Admin account to manage the app and your Implementation Manager can supply you with log in details to complete the below tasks or can supply you with the relevant key to help set up the native checkout integration.

1. Navigate to
2. Log on to your admin account
3. Navigate to My Account page
4. Navigate to the Settings page
5. Click App Settings link
6. Copy "Integration Key" provided
7. Navigate back to Magento Admin Panel and open Integration Settings page created by Poq
Studio extension
8. Paste copied "Integration Key" to "Signed Request Phrase" field on the page

9. Click "Save Config" on the top right to activate "Native Checkout" integration


5. Payment Integration (Optional)

During native checkout, once we place an order through Magento, we charge users by using Stripe or Braintree API. Once this is done, we will need a method to be implemented on your end to inform you about if the payment went through successfully.
The best way to this would be to make an API call which you will implement on your end. Details of such a call may be as following.

POST /payment/notify
    “status”: “success”,
    “order_id”: “123456”,
    “transaction_id”: “asdf1234”,
    “amount”: 65.50,
    “currency”: “GBP”,
    “method”: “credit_card”

Once this method is implemented Poq API's will call this endpoint as the last checkout step, after charging users so that Magento can know about if the payment went through successfully.


6. Guidance to set up Mobile Connect Module

To install the Mobile Connect module, you must be a Magento enterprise client. Enterprise clients have a special Marketplace where you can access additional modules.

  1. Once you have installed Poq’s extension, you then need to go into your Magento admin panel and a new tab bar called Mobile Connect will appear.
  2. Navigate to the Mobile Connect tab and there will be a section called create a new "App" under there.
  3. Once the app is created it will also create an app code, by default, it will be "defapp1" but could be different if you choose.
  4. Please send the app code over to us and that is all we need to integrate.


If you have any further questions please ask your main contact at Poq, email or call +442037944120


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