PayPal set-up for native checkout


If your new app with Poq is going to have a native checkout with PayPal as its payment
provider; here are the simple steps to set it up for the app.

1) Log in to your Pay Pal account using
2) Go to Applications and then click on “Create App”

3) Complete App Name and choose a sandbox developer email and then click “Create App”

4) Send the Client id and Secret codes for both the live and sandbox accounts to your implementation manager at Poq.


It will look a bit like this.

Endpoint: or Endpoint:

Client ID: ASJSjXXXwp0fzCXXXEMHaga_jAXXXfa2RjF4ny99SGhZXwCBACdK9YufQ_k

Secret: ENfxxxDzv7Re99xmXXc3JV_PbgXXn9PTGo7FKXxd9hXDz5aV_DfoZXcSmqOI

5) Poq will then set it up along with the native checkout and any other payment providers
(e.g. Braintree).

If you have any queries, please email

For testing:

Please set up Sandbox accounts, and enter an email address or password you would like to use for testing.

Please note down those details or send them to the implementation manager at Poq.


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