Duplicate categories


Often, when category names are changed (even with a difference of just one character), the system recognizes this as a new category. This can lead to unwanted duplicates being created. For example, if you had a category labelled “T-shirts,” changing the name to “T-Shirts,” (with a capitalised ‘S’) it would leave you with two categories. One called “T-shirts” and another called “T-Shirts”. Because of this, it is best to avoid making such changes.

Instead, you could hide the original category (“[Original Name]”) and create a new category labelled “[New Name],” transferring all the relevant products. However, in order for the app to run smoothly, it is best to avoid making any manual changes as far as possible.

If you experience any further problems, please get in touch with a member of our support team or email support@poqstudio.com.

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