Why are there 'hidden' categories in the CMS?


Categories that have been removed from your website or product feed e.g. they no longer have products in stock, or they were related to a seasonal campaign that’s finished, they will automatically be set to "hidden" in the CMS.

The way it works is that, when the product feed is refreshed, the admin system does not delete any categories but instead, sets the visibility of inactive categories (those that have been removed from your e-commerce site) to “hidden.”


In summary, there is no need to be alarmed if inactive categories are showing up in the admin system. As long as they are set to “hidden” (which they will be), they will not affect the app.

If you want, you can also manually delete these categories but it is not necessary. Particularly if the category is likely to be used again in the future, at which point the system will activate it again according to the product availability.

You can learn more about Adding and Editing Categories here.

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