Links to videos not opening in full screen


Videos are great content to share with your customers. They can be very engaging as users can see videos of new collections, interviews to your designers, behind the scenes campaign shots, recently hosted events, etc.

If you've tried adding a video but the link doesn't work or is not opening using the full size of the app screen, here are some tips on how you can improve it:

- Use a graphic for your video banner that clearly shows this is a video, and in a few words explain what it is. E.g. "A/W 2014 Campaign" "Covent Garden Event" "Behind the scenes"

- Make sure your video link has the full URL address starting with http://

- To enlarge your video and use the full space of the mobile app screen, use the 'embed' setting. This should look as follows:

Most YouTube links, when copied directly from the browser will look like:

This will open your video along recommended, eating on the space you have available on screen. Using 'embed' in your link will ensure your video opens up in a large view, making it more visually appealing and engaging to your app customers.

Any questions on this troublehsoot, please contact our support team.

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