5 ideas to promote your app at launch

  1. Offer an incentive for the initial purchase period:
    Our clients Tatty Devine did this, offering a free gift of an egg brooch with
    every purchase from the app over the launch date, which was a bank
    holiday weekend. This also enabled them to use the pun-tastic tagline
    ‘App-y Easter’.

  2. Set up a special app-only discount code for the initial purchase period:
    This encourages people to both download and buy from your app as soon
    as it’s launched, so they don’t miss out.

  3. Tie in the app launch with a calendar event or special offer:
    Christmas and Valentine’s Day are obvious choices, depending on your
    product range. But think wider – what about school holidays for
    childrenswear, high summer for swimwear brands, festival season for fast

  4. Offer an exclusive new product on the app first:
    releasing it on your main ecommerce site a week later. You could base the whole launch on
    this product, highlighting the ‘mobile-first’ aspect.

  5. Hold an app launch event for bloggers and press:
    This could be a good way to encourage the word to spread about your app amongst
    opinion leaders.
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