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When deployed correctly, push notifications can increase app engagement by 400% and app retention by 200%. This increase drives conversion rates and increased revenue. We came up with four main points:

Make your message stick

Create a message that will stick in your customers mind by using relevant content. Punchy sentences used to create excitement will capture your consumers with a sense of urgency.  Great push notifications will make waves in terms of app engagement and conversion. We’ve seen 1.4x longer browsing engagement, and 8.1% app revenue generated directly from push notifications.

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Ignite your customers’ attention

Use personalised push as an ideal way to gain instant attention. Of course, standardised push is also effective. But if you want to up the ante, segment it. Audience segmentation will help deliver content that customers value – you can tailor push according to your audience’s in-app behaviour, preferences they set, and their location.

Hook in your audience

Create mobile habits by using push notifications to hook in consumers with unique offers. You can form a habit by rewarding your users with unique offers, rewards or a personalised message. Another way to hook customers is through creating anticipation and delight. For example, sending push notifications when an ordered item has been delivered. This can be an exciting prospect that really sets you apart from other retailers.

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Recapture your audience

Leverage captured data to get your users to engage with your app again. When a user goes dormant, give your customers a reason to return by offering them something if they come back. Provide personalised experiences and offers to gain your customers attention again and hook them back in.

When users opt-out of push notifications it becomes much harder to reach them. Increase your chances of re-engagement through email or social media retargeting. Exclusive app-only rewards and offers can be a great way to get your users to come back and re-engage with your app.

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