How do I raise an issue with my app?


This guideline is to explain what the best and most efficient way is of raising a live app issue to support. Whether you notice an issue or a client raises it to you, a ticket should be created with Support so all communication can be tracked through Zendesk. This also helps the Support team understand the issues quickly and with all the information provided, issues can be resolved quickly.

For efficient ticket handling, please provide us with as much detail as possible when raising bugs. 

Go through the Zendesk Portal: 

As standard, always add:

  • Detailed steps to reproduce e.g. Clicked A (filters), Clicked B (blue), Removed (price higher than 100)
  • What happened? e.g. Showed product X (red product was displayed)
  • What is the expected behaviour? (non-blue products should not be displayed)

For raising app bugs please add:

  • Environment (UAT/Production)
  • Platform and Version (Android KitKat, iOS 10)
  • Build version (e.g 7.0.4)
  • Device (Samsung, Apple)
  • Connection method (Wi-Fi, 4G)

When referring to a banner, image, product or product category add:

  • CMS link
  • Screenshots
  • Full name of the banner, image, product or product category
  • Feed information for the product (SKUs, Product Codes)
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