Preparing for Peak Trading, Bank Holidays and Deployment Freezes in 2020


To ensure that quality and performance remains high regardless of the time of year, below are some key dates and activity to be aware of, and also some guidance on what you can also to do prepare.

🇬🇧🎁 UK Bank holidays

Poq does not work on UK bank holidays and will have small deployment and release freezes to ensure that everything is stable and predictable when we are not in the office. We will continue to have 24/7 monitoring and will react to any Poq caused P1 issues during this time but will not have manned support to react to non-critical issues or client caused issues. 

🛠❄️ Deployment and release freezes 

There will be four small deployments and release freezes lined up with UK bank holidays and two slightly longer freezes to cover peak trading over black Friday and Christmas periods. Having deployment freezes will control the risk of any unforeseen issues that may arise after a release and ensure the app runs well when traffic may be high but dedicated resource is low.



Last deployment

Earliest deployment

Good Friday

Friday 10 April

Thursday 9 April

Tuesday 14 April


Monday 13 April

Thursday 9 April 

 Tuesday 14 April

 Early May
Bank Holiday
Friday 8 May Thursday 7 May   Tuesday 12 May
Bank Holiday
Monday 25 May Thursday 21 May  Tuesday 26 May

Bank Holiday

Monday 31 August

 Thursday 27 August  Tuesday 1 September

Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Friday 27 November
Monday 30 November

 Tuesday 17 November Thursday 3 December 

Christmas, Boxing day & New Year

Friday 25 December
Monday 28 December
Friday 1 January

 Thursday 17 December  Tuesday 5 January 2021


What can you do?

⏰ Align with our freeze times 

Often issues arise on the app when changes are made on the client side that links to the app. Please sync up with our freeze dates and don’t make changes to any feed structures, check out URL or any other code or integration that is used for the app’s functionality. If you change anything which goes on to cause an issue while we are in a freeze or over a bank holiday, we won’t be able to resolve it until the earliest deployment day.

📈 Inform us of expected traffic spikes

Please also keep us informed of any sales, marketing campaigns or anything else that is likely to significantly increase traffic. We have auto-scaling set up and also will do manual scaling around Black Friday and Christmas sales, but it is always better to be able to predict and prepare. Please let the Support team aware in your catch-ups.

🇺🇸🎁 US bank holidays

Unless it is also a UK bank holiday, Poq will be working the contracted hours for US bank holidays.



Support covered?

Martin Luther King Jr Day

January 20


Presidents’ Day

February 17


Memorial Day

May 25

No Cover - UK Bank Holiday

Independence Day

July 4


Labor Day

September 7


Columbus Day

October 12


Veterans Day

November 11


Thanksgiving Day

November 26


Christmas Day

December 25

No Cover - UK Bank Holiday

 If you have any questions, please contact

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